Parental Care HR Strategies

Elder Navigator can help your company devise the right HR strategy to meet the needs of your company. Using benefit cost per employee models, we can customize pricing and services levels to meet your corporate objectives, be it cost containment, employee retention/recruitment or corporate image enhancement. Parental Care benefits can be fully employer subsidized, exclusively financed by employees electing the services or can be funded through a combination of employee/employer support.


per member per month model

Employer funding of Parental Care services can be spread across the entire pool of employees so that the monthly cost per employee can be significantly less than the average cost of a single employee work hour. If you’re hesitant to build out a cost model in which the total monthly Parental Care cost is spread out evenly across the entire employee pool as a free employee benefit, we can instead make the services purely elective with those employees selecting the services fully funding its cost.

Elder Navigator will work with you to make the benefits as generous as you would like them to be. We can limit the costs to a set number of 1/2 hour phone consultations per year or we can include in-depth on-site services that help avoid employees having to fly across the country to help their loved ones in times of need. We can also help you fund more costly on-site services differently. For instance, you can help you offer a free-of-charge “basic” plan to employees that includes a limited # of annual phone consultations and at the same time set up an employee-funded “premium” plan with a set number of on-site visits as well as more numerous parental care phone consultations.

on-call parental care expertise

Elder Navigator has a staff of healthcare experts who can provide your employees with a clear game plan as to how best to ensure their family members are getting the best possible care. We can advise on estate planning, the inpatient process, managing an electronic health care record, and management of medical bills.

on-site geriatric services

We also have a team of healthcare aids who can physically attend doctor’s visits on your employees’ behalf so that they don’t have to miss hours or days off of work. Our team of health aids can help ensure the doctor’s have all the information they need to make the most accurate diagnoses possible