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Navigating Seniors' Health Decisions Can Be Complex. Some People Are Paying For Help.

-NPR radio, Here & Now, 01/08/19

Listen to CEO & Founder, Christine Dodd, explain to Here & Now host, Jeremy Hobson, the experience and learning she gained from helping her own parents navigate through the complex U.S. healthcare system.


Navigating Elder Care In Northeast Ohio

-Fox New 8, New Day Cleveland, 12/21/18

Listen to CEO & Founder, Christine Dodd, explain to Fox News host, David Moss, the importance of having an advocate to navigate through the in-patient setting and advise on discharge planning.


In today’s health care, patients need an on-call advocate

-Akron Beacon Journal, 10/22/18

I was a successful health care lobbyist and grant writer before I lost my job from my law firm. Rather than let it devastate me, I embraced the sense of relief I was experiencing and took it as an opportunity to do something else with my life (which I had been seriously considering for years).

I did start a diligent (half-time) job search, while taking a brief sabbatical to work on some start-up ideas and side projects I was interested in pursuing. However, this “reset” time was cut short by unexpected and significant illness and health issues for both of my parents, who were reasonably young. Almost overnight, I found myself in the position of being a health care “navigator,” helping them through the byzantine and extraordinarily complex U.S. health care system.