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securing appointments with the right doctors

The U.S. health care system is not transparent and health care providers often speak in a language that is difficult to understand. Elder navigator sends a patient navigator and advocate to your loved one’s medical appointment to listen, take notes and ask questions.

Ensuring continuous follow-ups

Often patients need follow up visits from numerous specialists. From nephrologists to cardiologists, we can help the patient or his/her caregiver set up and calendar these appointments ensuring follow up occurs and continuity of care continues.

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The vast majority of hospitals are now using electronic health records and have their patients using personal health records online. This type of technology can be confusing to seniors, and often, health care systems do not use the same type of electronic record systems so there is not interoperability which means they cannot communicate. We can help you manage your personal health records and make sure your forms are updated and complete and that competing systems have the information they need.

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Negotiating payment plans

Because the health care system is not transparent, we often do not know the cost of procedures and medications until the bill arrives after the hospital visit. We can help you with Medicare denials/appeals as well as set up a viable payment plan with the hospital

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determining the right Discharge plans

Unfortunately, sometimes after being released from the hospital, a patient is not able to return to the home. We help with the discharge planning process helping them find the short term rehab or skilled nursing facility that your insurance covers.