“Before contacting ElderNavigator, I felt completely overwhelmed by the fact that my mother was needing to spend four weeks at the Cleveland Clinic after undergoing a complicated procedure. It seemed impossible to ensure she had the best care, particularly since I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Throughout the process, ElderNavigator helped me figure out the right questions to ask the providers and prepared me for the longer engagement necessary to continue care.  Their advice on how to track and account for the billing process through Medicare was a huge help.  Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and thoughtful advice, I was able to make a very complicated and difficult process manageable and ultimately successful for my mother.”

-Charlie, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I moved from Cleveland to Denver for a job opportunity in 2017. My mother, who lived in Ohio, was fighting cancer. I could not manage helping my mother navigate doctor appointment, prescriptions and insurance companies while living across country.  The pressure, stress and guilt were intense, on top of all of the other overwhelming emotions that emerge when dealing with a sick parent.  

I turned to ElderNavigator for help and they immediate starting giving us invaluable advice on how to navigate the health care system. They helped us sort through a range of details, from making appointments and preparing Medicare appeals for claim denials to researching other medical options.

My mom lost her battle with cancer in December, but ElderNavigator was still there to support us in the aftermath of hospice care payments and final medical bill settlements.  And this was all done with compassion and empathy.   I highly recommend this service for anyone dealing with health care issues for loved ones.”

-Gwen, Denver, Colorado

“When my father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and other chronic conditions, ElderNavigator helped ensure my father got into an excellent skilled nursing facility that was covered by our insurance. They had both the resources and the patience you need.”

-Heather, Los Angeles, California

“I would highly recommend Elder Navigator's services to anyone with a health care issue.

Upon the onset of my illness, I used Elder Navigator to help me secure appointments with the right doctors, and they also ensured I got the best care by attending my medical appointments.

Eldercare is invaluable when faced with a major health issue.”

-Mona, Akron, Ohio